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We urge all visitors to read the following article. Golf scams are rampant and although we posted this article several months ago we continue to receive calls from golfers that have been ripped-off!

The advertisement on the left was received by us just recently! If you receive a promotion from this company you'll be doing yourself a favor by clicking your "delete" button as quickly as possible!

Shame on Them! Credit card scam artists have been targeting golfers in a big way the last few years. Obviously playing off a golfers biggest weakness to try something or anything that would improve his or her game. The scam usually involves a phone call offering the golfer the opportunity to test new equipment for no charge. In reality, they are charged excessive security deposits for inferior product. Don't become a victim! Here is a list of companies that have received unsatisfactory ratings from the Better Business Bureau: Accuron Golf, All Sport International, Benchmark Golf, Catalyst Golf, Desert Sports,, ESport, Evolution Golf, Feliciano & Associates, Gary Player Direct, Golf Clinics of America, Golf Concepts, Golf Marketing, Golf Plus, Golfer's Choice, Great 18 Golf Systems, Great 18 Golf Technologies, Icon Golf, Internet Golf Resources, Mega Performance Golf Products, Mojave Golf, Navigator Golf, New Golf Technologies, New Life Sports, Newport Golf, Opti Golf, ParValue, Performance Golf Company, Pin Point Golf Clubs, Platinum Pro Tour, Professional Golf Products, Pro Golfer's Choice, Pro Golfer's Technology, Pro Golf Evaluation,, Royal Club Company, Test Play/PGA Worldwide, The Leader Board Sports Group, The Old Golf Shop, Top Performance Golf, Tour Technologies, Trinity Golf, TruPath Golf Equipment, Tsunami Golf, United States Golf Institute, Universal Golf, Warrior Custom Golf, West Coast Communications, Williams Technologies, and Zero Tolerance. If any readers know of other companies that have been involved in golf-related scams, contact 

This is an email promotion for Warrior Golf recently received by us. If you receive one you would be well-advised to hit your "delete" button immediately!

From: "Warrior Custom Golf" <>
To: Michael Holder <>
Subject: Golf Clubs - RISK FREE!
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 17:48:05 -0400

Hello Michael, 

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Warrior Golf Clubs Custom Built for you, Risk Free*
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receive a set of Warrior Golf Clubs custom 
built for you, risk free!* This is a limited 
time offer only available directly from Warrior. 
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the difference custom clubs, built by one of 
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Again your player ID # is OP31. Have that ready and 
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Director of Customer Service 
Warrior Custom Golf 
voice: 1 800 600 5113

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Don't believe it? Read some recent emails we have received from readers!


I have filed a lawsuit in Small Claims court here in California against Warrior Custom Golf, for using prerecorded messages to try free clubs.

If you could put other people who have had problems with Warrior in contact with me via email, that would be helpfull.


Micah Martin

I recently have received a phone call as described. Sent for and recieved the set of clubs as described, Driver, 3, 5, 7 woods, LW, GW, SW, to try for 45 days and give an evaluation. Then I can return the Woods and keep the Wedge pakage. After giving my credit card for a security deposit to be charged at assembly of the custom fitted clubs. I have been on the WEB for a while trying to find a description or article about the problem with this DEAL. Please E-Mail me back ASAP at. Thank you Allen Babineaux

About a month ago, I received a phone call about trying new clubs with a full money back guarantee. I thought it was a great idea. I called and placed the order after a hefty security deposit to Warrior Custom Golf. Then I checked the Internet and discovered your website and the article on Golf Scams. I was devasated. I attempted to cancel the order but the representative stated that the order had went to the factory. I still asked to cancel the order cause they told me that it took two to three weeks before shipping. The representative stated that he would complete my request. I called back at the end of the week and amazingly the clubs had been finished and sent. I waited over another week and the clubs still had not arrived. Finally, I called my credit card company and told them that Warrior Golf used my card with out written authorization. The credit card company is now investigating the situation and is looking into removing the charge, but I received the clubs. What should I do with the clubs and should I return them to the company because I still have 15 more days on my trial period? I would appreciate your advise on this situation.

Broke Golfer

My name is Doug Brown, and I have been scammed out of $1280.00 for the 
purchase, trial period and return of golf clubs bought in June of 2002.

Kwixpin, Inc. of Las Vegas, dba Golf R Us, but billing my credit card as 
M.D. Enterprises had me try the clubs for 90 days. They would not allow the 
return of the clubs before 90 days. I have just learned that most credit 
cards' fraud protection expires after 90 days.

I returned the clubs, and I have UPS proof of receipt on their end.

All company websites, phone and fax numbers are disconnected, and I cannot 
get my money back from the credit card company.

My lawyer is working on this.

Doug Brown
Long Island New York

Do you know who to get in contact with about the Accuron Golf scam? At one time, we were in contact with (name withheld by request) & he said there was a lawsuit going on. Any information would be appreciated. We lost about $600 thru Accuron. Thanks, Gary & Jera Swartz

I have been scammed by warrior and I was wondering if you knew any tricks to 
getting my money back. I am considering calling the DA in california but 
after that I dont have any clues.

joe crowder

Good Evening Joe,

Sorry to hear about that. You are not the first person I have heard from.

As you know, Golfer's Dream Magazine has posted a warning about
Warrior and several other companies relating to scamming for several
months. I believe that Golf Digest has also run at least two articles in the
past year about it and named the companies as well.

The advice I can give you is to contact the shipping company (UPS, FedX,
etc,) that handled the shipping. Also send them a copy of our article and note
that you are a victim. They don't like being associated with scams and will
probably at the very least stop providing services. They might also turn the matter
over to their fraud department. If the postal service was used you will probably
have some positive results with their interstate fraud department.

I would contact the local DA an I would also file complaints with the BBB in
your state as well as the state they are located. If there is a Consumer Affairs
Division such as a Governor's Department of Consumer Affairs I would contact them as well.

I would also send a certified letter to Warrior demanding the return of your
money. I would also inform them that you intend to seek an arrest warrant on the
owner if your money is not returned. The activity they are engaged in is fraud and fraud is a felony.

The problem is that you have little success obtaining a warrant if they are
based in another state, unless you are willing to travel to that state.