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SUUNTO G9 PERSONAL GOLF INSTRUMENT: The Suunto G9 is a wrist-top computer equipped with internal programming features and Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities that allow golfers to instantly and accurately measure individual shot distances, track club selections and scores, and store additional input gained on the golf course, all from a compact and convenient platform. All shot measurements and on-course data can be easily downloaded from the Suunto G9 to a home computer for ongoing analysis and learning benefits for players of all abilities. Available in August 2002, this "must have" device can be picked up for only $725! Go to Suunto for more information.

cSwingMurray2.gif (88946 bytes)This program provides high-quality video playback for golfers. Files are organized automatically by golfer name. The favorites folders gives you access to the swings you use the most, just like Internet Explorer gives you quick access to your favorite Web sites. Advanced commands are available through the toolbars, the keyboard and the mouse. The online Help provides step-by-step instructions and teaches you how the advanced features work. Capturing swings is the most cumbersome aspect of video analysis. DV camcorders can be controlled directly from the PC, and audio is captured along with video. It can capture swings automatically. It includes full swings, chips, pitches and putts. Free evaluation download is available at Tucows or cSwing.

FootJoy Takes Comfort High Tech! FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, is launching a new line of shoes that is founded on a new technology called Gel Fusion. These new shoes were seemingly created with one goal in mind…create a shoe that is more comfortable than any other golf shoe on the market.

I think the company may have succeeded by combining several new pieces of "technology" into their shoes.

The first piece of the new Gel Fusion shoes is what the company refers to as an iSuspension outsole (or "independent suspension"). This outsole actually allows the shoe to have axial rotation which enables the shoe to move differently with the forefoot than it does with the heal. This will increase the contact area your foot has with the turf (providing you with better stability in all kinds of conditions).

The shoe also features 2 gel "inserts" in various locations which make the shoe incredibly comfortable. The heel features "GelRide" which dampens the impact as you walk around the course. Then, there is the "GelCollar" which is a ring of Gel around your ankle. I felt that this actually made the shoe fit better and kept it from slipping as I walked the course.

Finally, it felt to me as if the underside of the tongue had been coated with Gel. This felt great as the day got hotter and my feet became more and more tired.

To help you "lock in" the shoes feature the Black Widow cleats by SoftSpikes. These cleats are by far the best cleats on the market and after you try them you will realize why they are the #1 cleat in golf.

World Tours Golf Game: The World Tours features free online prize events, precision graphics, and a realistic swing simulation engine while delivering an awesome array of golf holes to your desktop. You can download the game for free or purchase a CD version for $9.95. Either way, the course you will get is Wildwood National – a picturesque 18-hole fantasy layout “located” in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The free download and CD both provide support to obtain additional World Tours courses, including real and fantasy courses based on popular layouts in Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Myrtle Beach, and California. Read more...

Out of Bounds? There is yet another new web site dedicated to Tiger Woods, TigerWoodsisGod.Com. It includes Tiger's "Ten Commandments and a guide on how you can join The First Church of Tiger Woods. Although it was intended to be humorous, there has been a lot of negative comments about this venture. For more information go to a recent ESPN article at or visit 

Shame on Them! Credit card scam artists have been targeting golfers in a big way the last few years. Obviously playing off a golfers biggest weakness to try something or anything that would improve his or her game. The scam usually involves a phone call offering the golfer the opportunity to test new equipment for no charge. In reality, they are charged excessive security deposits for inferior product. Don't become a victim! Here is a list of companies that have received unsatisfactory ratings from the Better Business Bureau: Accuron Golf, All Sport International, Benchmark Golf, Catalyst Golf, Desert Sports,, ESport, Evolution Golf, Feliciano & Associates, Gary Player Direct, Golf Clinics of America, Golf Concepts, Golf Marketing, Golf Plus, Golfer's Choice, Great 18 Golf Systems, Great 18 Golf Technologies, Icon Golf, Internet Golf Resources, Mega Performance Golf Products, Mojave Golf, Navigator Golf, New Golf Technologies, New Life Sports, Newport Golf, Opti Golf, ParValue, Performance Golf Company, Pin Point Golf Clubs, Platinum Pro Tour, Professional Golf Products, Pro Golfer's Choice, Pro Golfer's Technology, Pro Golf Evaluation,, Royal Club Company, Test Play/PGA Worldwide, The Leader Board Sports Group, The Old Golf Shop, Top Performance Golf, Tour Technologies, Trinity Golf, TruPath Golf Equipment, Tsunami Golf, United States Golf Institute, Universal Golf, Warrior Custom Golf, West Coast Communications, Williams Technologies, and Zero Tolerance. If any readers know of other companies that have been involved in golf-related scams, contact 

More Shame! The Masters has tainted itself again with its recent decision to exclude past champions after the age of 65. This is not the first time The Masters has changed rules in mid-stream. But this most recent action deserves our Golfer's Dream Magazine Bad Taste Award. For those of you who are not aware of what rule was changed, here is a brief outline. All Master's Champions were guaranteed a position for life. And many considered this the most rewarding aspect of being a Master's Champion. This year, the powers that be, informed past champions such as Billy Casper, Doug Ford and Gay Brewer that they should give up their spots in the field. And not even a phone call was made. They just sent a brief, cold-hearted letter. I am not saying that The Masters doesn't have the right to change their own rules but it should not have been grand-fathered. They should and could have made the rule effective with new champions and honored their commitment to past champions.